The Levee District

“Imagine yourself,” Ernest Bell wrote, “in this awful district with Satan and all his cohorts let loose, seemingly. The cursing of men and the screeching of dope-filled and half drunken women; the banging of electrical pianos; the honking of autos, the throngs of young men going like mad into these houses of horror..."

“Dear Sir,” one prostitute wrote to Clifford Roe, "I have not been out of the house for three months. I have not got any clothes to wear on the street because I owe a debt. I wish you would come and see me and I can tell you everything… I am a White Slave for sure."



"Ada and I were touted," Minna Everleigh said, "as the forces of evil invading a God-fearing community to lure the innocent to perdition. Give the weeds a chance and destroy the flowers seemed to be the hymn—hallelujah!” 

"If the girl is especially attractive,"Edwin Sims wrote, "the white slave dealer may be able to sell her for as much as $800 or $1,000... it is a definite organization sending itshunters regularly to scour France, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Canada for victims, and the man at the head of this unthinkable enterprise is known among his hunters as ‘The Big Chief.’”