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I watched the HBO series "Boardwalk Empire when it premiered back in 2010, and was immediately fascinated by two characters. The actor Julianna Nicholson played the U.S. assistant attorney general, who was in charge of prosecuting bootleggers. She was this strong, tough character who held her own among male colleagues—in 1921. The second was a bizarre, brilliant, hugely successful Cincinnati bootlegger (played by Glenn Fleshler) who spoke of himself in the third person. I wondered if they were based on real people, and it turned out that they were: Mabel Walker Willebrandt and George Remus. On the show, Remus was a minor character, and they never delved into his background, or showed his Gatsby-esque parties, or mentioned that his wife fell in love with the very federal agent who put him in jail.

Below are a few of my favorite clips from the series. 

"Remus Doesn't Get Arrested"
Remus Sit-Down with Al Capone (“Remus Read the Volstead Act Very Closely”)
“Who is This Woman at My Desk?”